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Orthopedic Services Conveniently
Located in Norcross, GA and Gainesville, GA
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MyOrthoSpineMD is led by a board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon, Miguel Jimenez MD. The team of patient representatives at MyOrthoSpineMD strive for not only excellence in patient care, but creating an outstanding 5 star patient experience.  We offer state of the art noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures to assist in your recovery to get you back to a normal, pain symptom free life. We are leaders in regenerative solutions such as PRP or similar stem cell alternatives and diagnostic spinal injections. MyOrthoSpineMD not only determines the source of your pain, but we help to avoid surgery, but if surgery is needed we provide outpatient minimally invasive procedure solutions.

Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Jimenez is a so much experienced doctor. He is always kind to his patients and sincerely takes care of them. I had a shoulder & neck problem after a huge car accident, and they are healed after his treatment. I am glad to have him as my doctor, and strongly recommend visiting him if you got injured.
Jami M.
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After a car accident I was in, Dr. Jimenez helped me do neck injections to stop the numbness in my left side of neck radiating down left arm into the hand. Dr Jimenez and his staff care for their patients. I’m so thankful I am able to enjoy my family again without the pain.
Karmen M.
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It’s been two months since I received treatment from Dr. Jimenez. I am not having numbness or pain as I did before treatment. I would recommend to anyone needing relief from shoulder and neck injuries.
Rob B.
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I came in with a lot of pain and numbers and tingling to Dr Jimenez office. He performed multiple injections. My numbers and tingling is gone. My back pain is also gone. He provided great service. I would recommend him to anyone.
Rainbow J.
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After my accident I went to Dr. Jimenez and he took excellent care of me. He has been a great help through my healing process and I'm grateful to have found such an amazing doctor.
Nahun C.
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Dr Jiménez is a professional in his field, the attention in his office is satisfactory.

We specialize in the following injuries

Trauma is extremely disruptive in a person’s life. It leaves patients with disabilities in both work and their personal lives. The team at MyOrthoSpineMD excel at healing patients and getting their lives back to normal

Auto Injury

Work Injury

Spine Injury

Joint Injury

Cutting Edge Surgery

WellStar Surgery Center exemplifies the mission of the physicians at MyOrthoSpineMD. With this facility, we provide our patients and their families personal attention in a convenient, relaxing, concierge environment. Our anesthesiology focuses on patient comfort, safety, and quality, and includes general anesthesia, regional nerve blocks, and sedation care allowing for the optimal completion of surgery. Innovative and minimally invasive procedures are performed by our doctor’s providing treatment for injuries and painful conditions of the joints, extremities, neck, back, and sacroiliac joints. We strive for exceptional care to facilitate your active life.

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