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Narrative Report

Doctor narratives most often come into play in workers’ compensation cases. Such as to an IME, a doctor’s narrative can be used as evidence and justification for workers’ comp claims. If you or a client need a narrative relating to an orthopedic injury, contact the MyOrthoSpineMD team today.

Physicians Depositions

Doctor deposition testimony is most often called for during a personal injury case where a patient has been injured due to an auto accident, slip and fall or another incident. The MyOrthoSpineMD team is open to calls from attorneys to discuss their client’s condition and may appear for depositions in some cases if appropriate.

Treatment of Pain

Back pain is the third most common reason for patient visits to physicians’ offices and affects up to 80% of the adult population at some time. The precise cause of low back pain is poorly understood and only 10-20% of all patients have their pain attributed to an accepted, definable diagnosis. In the majority of cases low back pain tends to disappear with time. About 90% of patient’s symptoms resolve within 3 months of onset. True low back pain is defined as pain located between the lower rib cage and the buttocks. This pain may occasionally extend down to the level of the knee but not beyond. If back pain is associated with numbness, tingling or weakness in the legs then it is possible that irritation of neurologic structures is present (see herniated disc, spinal stenosis). Leg pain with symptoms that extend to the feet is thus usually a separate condition from back pain and may require a different treatment program than for back pain alone. Conservative treatment (non-operative) for back and leg pain varies greatly depending upon the cause and severity of the pain.

Medications-Pain Management

A thorough evaluation and discussions with a physician are necessary to properly guide treatment. It is important to note that any medication can lead to allergic reactions or side effects, this must be discussed in detail with the prescribing physician and pharmacist.

Durable Medical Equipment

There’s a lot more to casting than wrapping an arm or leg in plaster and a lot more to orthotic fitting than taking a one-size-fits-all device out of a package. Certified Orthopedic Technologists (OTCs), like the ones on the MyOrthoSpineMD team have specialized training in the application and fitting of casts and orthopedic devices, which can range from crutches and walkers to sports braces, foot orthotics and compression stockings. In many cases, the results of orthopedic surgery or the success of a long-term rehabilitation plan is reliant on minimizing movement or holding the affected limb or appendage in place. Patients, understandably, want to keep living their lives. OTCs help educate patients on their orthopedic device and cast options and help them understand how to care for their devices while still performing day-to-day activities and getting around effectively. We also help many athletes with customized sports bracing equipment to prevent repetitive motion injuries.

Chart Review

Chart reviews can take a number of different forms, but generally entails providing a service similar to a second opinion wherein a specialist reviews a patient’s information and provides recommendations regarding things like treatments, medication, potential procedures, physical therapy or length of rehabilitation. The team at MyOrthoSpineMD is happy to provide chart review on a diverse array of orthopedic and spine conditions.

TeleMed Follow Ups

We’re happy to make our care as accessible as possible, and this includes performing follow-up assessments and appointments through TeleMed follow-ups. This allows our patients to rest and recuperate in the comfort of their own home without having to take an arduous trip to one of our offices for a follow-up appointment after a procedure has been performed. We may also be able to provide TeleMed services for other situations as well.
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