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Our team at MyOrthoSpineMD are committed to giving our clients access to the best orthopedic care in Georgia. We treat patients who have been in accident cases such as automobile, personal injuries, sporting injuries, as well as work related injuries. We accept most private insurance providers that have out of network benefits. We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid or government-sponsored insurance plans.

Contact us or visit your insurance website or customer service to inquire if your insurance covers out of network benefits.

We may be covered with your insurance but not your specific plan. It is your responsibility to confirm you are eligible to be seen at our clinic and your plan includes benefits to be seen by a specialist in order to avoid self-pay. 

We reserve the right to require a referral from your primary care physician to be seen at MyOrthoSpineMD

We are unable to accept any health care exchange plans at this time.

Health Insurance

We dont take insurance, but we can provide the documentation to bill the insurance on your own

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Personal Injury Services:

We do have special cases where a patient approaches us with a personal injury scenario where we do see patient’s on an attorney lien. If there are any questions regarding medical attention during your case, or if you have had an accident, we can coordinate scheduling appointments with you and your attorney.

Self-Pay Option:

Not all medical services are covered by insurance. This is especially true for any procedure that insurance companies deem to be elective or experimental in nature. There are also occasions where an insurance company may prefer their policyholders to settle for an alternative, more affordable treatment option rather than the latest and best orthopedic treatment options. For patients in this situation, we are more than happy to work on an affordable solution for their orthopedic treatments.

Workers’ Compensation

Clients who have been injured while at work, often have to see an Authorized Treating Physician – one of a number of preselected medical experts certified to provide care for a workplace injury in order for their workers compensation policy to be authorized.

If you are injured or are representing an injured party, your workplace should have a list of authorized physicians, known as a Panel of Physicians, posted within the workspace. As one of the best orthopedic surgery centers in the state of Georgia, we are among panel physicians for many local area employers. This means we are pre-approved to provide treatments for those injured in workplace accidents.

Georgia law allows injured workers to change their Authorized Treating Physician once during treatment for a workplace injury. If you’ve already seen an approved orthopedic specialist but are not satisfied with their performance or you are seeking a second opinion, reach out to our office at 877-877-7411 to verify MyOrthoSpineMD is on your workplace’s panel of physicians.